At Rockworth, we have a simple and uncompromising purpose: to enhance and protect value for our investors.

We provide comprehensive asset and investment management solutions for private and institutional investors. We work closely with our investors to provide tailored investment solutions that align with their risk profiles and investment objectives.

We actively explore opportunities across different asset classes and markets, leveraging Rockworth’s well established commercial networks and strategic partnerships.

We seek and deliver value by identifying stable, income-producing assets and opportunistic investments that have the potential for value enhancement and extraction.

With our intimate market knowledge, disciplined investment approach and extensive local and industry network, our experienced professionals manage all aspects of the investment and asset management processes.

Our organisation structure and collaborative approach allow Rockworth to target both on and off-market opportunities.

With our group’s presence and representation in Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, we have established robust local networks of operating and financial partners.

Maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders ensures our team has a thorough and relevant knowledge of local markets, and efficient access to deal flow.