17 October 2017

Rockworth Capital Partners Focuses on Value Creation for Corporate Investors

Rockworth Capital Partners Focuses on Value Creation for Corporate Investors

SINGAPORE, 17 October 2017 – Rockworth Capital Partners Pte Ltd (“RCP” or the “Group”), today announced a restructuring of the Group’s business following a shareholder-led review of its investor strategy.

With effect from 31 October 2017, the Group will focus on managing funds for corporate investors, and a separate entity (“NewCo”) will be established to manage capital from the family office.

Lim Kin Song, Chief Executive Officer of the Group, said: “The Group believes that the steps now taken to carve-out a separate entity for the management of capital from family office will allow for better alignment of interest. Each entity will be able to better serve its respective investors’ objectives and pursue its own strategic direction in an optimal manner.

Following this restructuring, the Group will move forward with over A$700 million in assets under management, including landmark properties such as 390 St. Kilda Road and Town Square Redbank. This provides us with a strong base from which to further grow RCP and attract funds from both new and existing corporate investors. We will endeavor to build on our reputation as a leading asset and investment management specialist, known for excellence, integrity and our ability to create long-term value for our stakeholders.”

Lim Kin Song, Chief Executive Officer, will be supported by a strong and capable investment management team, headed by Chapman Seah, Managing Director (Investment Management). Yap Fui Wui, Group Financial Controller, will continue to oversee the finance and reporting, treasury and tax functions at RCP, as well as other corporate matters. As part of this restructuring, Lim Su Kiat, Chief Investment Officer, will leave his position and the Group to manage the NewCo.